The Dreamers Team – Midfield Restructure

With the release of the Real Dream Team this week and your decision to enter the Dreamers Team into that competition rather than AFL Fantasy Classic for 2014, we need to again consider how the midfield will be structured. 

For a quick recap on what the Dreamers Team is all about or the differences between the Real Dream Team and AFL Fantasy Classic, have a look a these two earlier posts;

Introduction to the Dreamers Team

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Previously, you had voted for a midfield structure of five premiums, three mid-pricers and two rookies. This would see no rookies on field for round one and a lot of cash spent in the midfield. All well and good but with cheaper rookie prices and generally more expensive mid-pricers, it’s worth thinking about whether we might like to see a few more rookies in the team instead.

For simplicity this time around, we will consider any midfielder priced less than Dayne Beams and over $220k to be a mid-pricer, while any player under $220k will be deemed to be rookie-priced. We’ll work out the actual personnel later but nailing down the structure first will give us a good foundation to build the rest of the side.

So Dreamers, it is as always over to you. Vote in the poll with how you’d like to see the remaining five midfield places filled and tell us in the comments below what you’re thinking. Also be sure to nominate any particular rookies or mid-pricers you want to see included in future player polls to make sure they don’t miss out!


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