Double Points: Round 6

Back again for a new round, and as always the captaincy decision is a massive one. Just look at the score of some safe options I suggested last week in Ablett, Cotchin, Rockliff , Beams, Boyd even Sloane and Ebert. Was very excited to see the rocket of calling Dangerfield a ‘avoid’ option worked too by him  belting out a 149.

Before we go ahead and look to this week’s round of captaincy options, have a quick look at last week suggestions:

Round 5

Collingwood Vs Essendon

NAME: Dane Swan554644-dane-swan

2014 Average:  101

Last 4 Avg Vs Bombers: 148.3

Last 4 Scores Vs Bombers: 115, 120, 187, 171

Last 4 Rounds Score: 145, 105, 90, 68

Is it time to get some under priced bacon? He’s only scored under 120 once against the Bombers since 20111. We know historically how good Swan is, the question mark over him is no longer fitness or form, but rather roll. Will Buckley play piggy forward or in the midfield? At least for this match the Pies will be ensuring all their midfield guns are planted squarely in the thick of it. He’s a safe captain selection for this round.

Going Unique:  Paul Chapman: 4 Games as a Bomber, 4 Hundreds. He loves the big stage and the ANZAC day clash is really the only big one he’s yet to play in. Look out Pies fans (and Cats fans still wishing they had him) Chappy’s set to unleash on the biggest Home and Away stage of all.

One to Avoid: Dyson Heppell: He’s every chance (along with Jobe) for the Macaffer tag. Still a great unique midfield option but after last weeks score he can’t be looked at for captaincy.

Consider: Scott Pendlebury: Hasn’t put a foot wrong as captain of the pies or for fantasy coaches all year. Truly a dependable midfield premium.

St Kilda Vs Brisbane

NAME: Leigh Montagna joey

2014 Average:  103.5

Last 4 Avg Vs Lions: 117.3

Last 4 Scores Vs Lions: 112, 102, 126, 129

Last 4 Rounds: 135, 65, 104, 110

Joey loves to be a flat track bully, and sadly it appears that the Lions will be the team the oppositions midfielders will love to play. 8 Tigers went 90 or more on them in round 5, in round 4 against the Power 10 players reached the triple figures. Each week a minimum of 6 players have gone 90+ on the Lions. Monty is very much the barometer of the Saints fantasy scoring, if he’s flying chances are the Saints are doing well.

Going Unique:  Nick Riewoldt: How good is his form at the moment. Yet again proving all the critics wrong, with only ONE score below 110 all season. These are premium midfielder like numbers which we are getting in the forward line.

One to Avoid: Jack Steven: You shouldn’t be looking to bring him in yet with plenty of cash still to fall off his price tag, in a fortnight and if he shows promise,  jump on. He’s a shot at a 100 due to the scores the Lions are giving up, but I wouldn’t be trading him in just yet, let alone captaining him.

Consider: Tom Rockliff: Been in great form with 3 hundreds in a row, doesn’t have a great recent history on the bombers with only 1 hundred in his past 4. However, his recent form has been amazing and is well worth considering placing the C on him.

Fremantle Vs North Melbourne

NAME: David Mundy796404-e25b126a-9214-11e3-9900-6ae4ae41740d

2014 Average:  94.6

Last 4 Avg Vs Kangaroos: 108.8

Last 4 Scores Vs Kangaroos: 125, 112, 93, 105

Last 4 Rounds Score: 121, 48, 82, 123

The return of Freo star Nat Fyfe was god not only for the Dockers but David Mundy. He was no longer single handed carrying the Fremantle midfield and as such brought up his second score above 120 for the season. He’s only had once score below 100 on the Kangas since 2010 (and that’s a 93.)

Going Unique:  Nat Fyfe: A 114 on return from suspension was a great score from Fyfe. North is his favorite team to play going on his past 4 game average with him going at 109 and scoring 2 hundreds and a 99 in those games.

One to Avoid: Nick Dal Santo: Last week he copped Macaffer, and the poor bloke will likely cop Crowley. He’ll be looking forward to round 7 against the Suns where he won’t have to worry about a tag.

Consider: Ben Cunnington: North fans are fast falling more in love with this hard at it footballer and is finally consistently placing  big games together. Has put 3 consecutive hundreds together now and against the big boys over in WA you get a sense he’ll love the battle.

Gold Coast Vs Greater West Sydney

NAME: Gary AblettAblett

2014 Average:  123.6

Last 4 Avg Vs Giants: 117

Last 4 Scores Vs Giants: 131, 132, 99, 106

Last 4 Rounds Score: 119. 132, 146, 80

When you look to place the captaincy on someone arguably none are safer than the little master. 3 Scores over 130 this season and only one blemish (sub 100) with a hard tag in the wet from Crowley in round 2. Last round the Crows had 5 midfielders go over 100 including monsters from Dangerfield and Thompson. The exciting news is that even when Danger was dominating the Giants didn’t play a tight tag to attempt to nullify him. If Gary is given that sort of freedom he may make Danger’s last round score of 149 look like child’s play. A potential monster is on the cards here.

Going Unique:  Callan Ward: Was on track for another 100 before Richard Douglas cleaned up the Giants captain last week. From all reports (early in the week obviously) is that Callan will play. The giants will be desperate to get over the line against fellow new franchisee the Suns and will be looking to skipper Ward to help bring them right into the game. 112 & 100 in his past 2 matches on the Suns.  With a High BE he could be a handy inclusion if you don’t have him too in a few weeks.

One to Avoid: Adam Treloar: He has some serious High’s to him but his scoring is almost a 100 point rollercoaster difference between his best and worst this tear. Too Up and down with his scores to captain this round.

Consider: Dion Prestia: Brilliant player and if the Giants give up him space to spread, he could rack up easily his past 4 game average of 119 on them again.

Carlton Vs West Coast

NAME: Matt Priddismatthew-priddis

2014 Average:  98.8

Last 4 Avg Vs Blues: 99.8

Last 4 Scores Vs Blues: 89, 93, 1110, 111

Last 4 Rounds Score: 112, 67, 102, 104

Only a limited number of players have scored 4 hundreds this season, and although Priddis hasn’t got the ceiling of other players, he has one thing which some of our premiums have really lacked in 2014 which  is consistency. Averages 101 at Etihad Stadium from his 24 matches at the ground, he looks set for another 100-110 this week.

Going Unique: Dale Thomas: Every round I’ve been seeing gradual signs of daisy getting 5% better, this could well be the first 100 as a Blue for Daisy. Many coaches may have already dropped him by now, but for the few that remain he should be good this week. In his past 4 encounters on the Eagles he’s averaged 101, one of only 4 teams he averages over 100 in his past 4 game averages.

One to Avoid: Scott Selwood: I almost need to permanently place this man in this position nearly. He’s been a Judas in my fantasy team since round 2. Get him out, he doesn’t look like scoring when on a heavy tag like previous seasons. Get him out of your team ASAP.

Consider: Marc Murphy: Do you back him in to score well 2 weeks in a row? He was massive last week at the tags of Wallis and Picken seemed not to faze him. With Judd out again for a few more week likely and the Blues playing #United footy he’s every chance of getting his current 4 game average on the Eagles of 114.

Melbourne Vs Sydney

NAME: Kieran JackKieren_Jack

2014 Average:  84

Last 4 Avg Vs Demons: 97

Last 4 Scores Vs Demons: 91, 128, 88, 95

Last 4 Rounds Score: 98, 77, 101, 60

Every week I watch him I keep thinking that he’s ripe for the picking in Fantasy. Although he’s only got one score above 100 this year we’ve got to remember that 12 months ago he was one of the most inform and consistent scorers in the game. He’s basically hit as low as he’ll go cost wise and for those looking for a unique upgrade and a round 10 bye he’s one of the better possibilities.

Going Unique: Luke Parker: The debate of whether Mitchell or Parker in the forward line has been clearly won, Parker was the right pick. He could have a field day on the Dees this week. His conversion is pretty good in front of the sticks and if the Dees allow the same amount of chance to the Swans that they gave up to the Suns then Parker could go BIG.

One to Avoid: Nathan Jones: Looks like Roosy is using him to go head to head with the oppositions best midfielders, his ball winning days as his sole focus look to he halted at the moment, therefore he shouldn’t be looked at for captaincy. At any moment he may be forced to limit a player rather than wining the ball, not a trait you want from someone worth double points.

Consider: Josh P Kennedy: Proved me wrong last week by notching up 38 touches and 120+ on the Dockers.

Western Bulldogs Vs Adelaide

NAME: Rory Sloane728537-rory-sloane

2014 Average:  113.2

Last 4 Avg Vs Bulldogs: 83.5

Last 4 Scores Vs Bulldogs: 120, 68, 105, 41

Last 4 Rounds Score: 108, 131, 105, 113

He hasn’t put a foot wrong all season, 5 Games, 5 hundreds. If you are one of the very small percentage of coaches who own him, well done. He looks like being this year’s Kieran Jack of 2013, by being super consistent and occasionally huge. Just keeps getting the points and he’ll continue doing so against the Dogs. Last week’s dominance of Danger and the return to form of Thompson has helped Rory keep quietly going about the job of scoring fantasy tons. He should make it 6 from 6 this week.

Going Unique:  Patrick Dangerfield: Was huge against the giants and coaches who held him breathed a massive sigh of relief. Coaches that traded him in last week were getting their Lleyton Hewitt fist pumping on all Sunday. The main reason for the big score was he was given a stack of space, this is something the Dogs won’t allow. Would be massive to captain him this week, but as we’ve just seen if Danger is on and given license he could well be the best captain choice of the round.

One to Avoid: Tom Liberatore: The much pre season hyped youngster has struggled to live up to scoring expectations this season. 1 score north of 100 is not the start coaches had hoped for.

Consider: Matt Boyd: Would you believe the Crows are actually (in recent 4 game history) Matt’s worst scoring team? I was shocked at that too, but he’s only got 1 score of 100 or more on them in the past 5 seasons. In fact you have to go back to 2007 to find the second score above 100 on them. His current form though is classic Matt Boyd, all under the radar scoring. A great unique midfielder in your team.

Richmond Vs Hawthorn

NAME: Trent Cotchintrent-cotchin

2014 Average:  106.2

Last 4 Avg Vs Hawks: 102

Last 4 Scores Vs Hawks: 137, 113, 68, 90

Last 4 Rounds Score: 138, 70, 117, 79

Bounced back in a big way with 138 last week a score that many ended up using the captaincy loophole with. Trent’s past 2 games on the hawks have been first rate, the only difference is the hawks now use a tagger in Langford. Trent and the Tigers will be looking to put recent history against the Hawks into action with both big wins and Fantasy scores. Let’s hope for Trent’s sake he gets his first back to back 100 of the year.

Going Unique: Brad Hill: He’s fast becoming one of the most damaging hawthorn midfielders. Along with Macrae looks to be the best of the mid price selections this year, Brad is well and truly having a breakout season with 2 83′s a 90 and 2 scores 100+.

One to Avoid: Matt Thomas: After opening 2014 with consecutive 100′s the return of Jackson has seemed to really stall him. It’s time to get him out of your fantasy team and a long way away from the armband. No guarantee to play this week too if Deledio is fit.

Consider: Sam Mitchell: Was plenty of talk last week that he’d be a late out, all of those coaches were very glad to see him play. Averages 104 in his past four outings  on the tigers averages 104.

Port Adelaide vs Geelong

NAME: Steve Johnsonsteve-johnson

2014 Average:  130

Last 4 Avg Vs Power: 127.8

Last 4 Scores Vs Power: 100,144, 109, 79

Last 4 Rounds Score: 139, 168, 69, 153

4 scores this season over 120, 2 of them over a crazy 150, this guy goes big with his scores and does it often. Outside of the pies Macaffer nobody has been close to closing down the magician and the Power aren’t using Cornes as a hard tag. They might wanna reconsider it. Nobody has gone over 140 as much as Stevie J in the past 20 games.

Going Unique:  Joel Selwood: Plenty of coaches would be out off captaining him this week after his below par scoring efforts last week. Superstars though don’t have many if ever. 2 bad games in a row. Expect Joel to bring the fore this week, he averages 112 in his previous 4 matches on the power and I’d be shocked  if he didn’t  get that.

One to Avoid: Travis Boak: still to inconsistent with his 100′s and as such still has question marks over if he’s a genuine premium fantasy player or not, as such is clearly one to avoid as captain for now.

Consider: Brad Ebert: Simply the best & most consistent scoring power player so far. Worth every cent and looks like being like Matty Boyd & even Michael Barlow where a 100 looks almost certain whenever he plays.


Don’t forget to cast your vote and let us know your thoughts and plans on captaincy below.



Three Wise Men: Questions Round 6

Finally the round has completed, and although lockout hasn’t finished yet we’ve all got plenty of planning and trading to do.

Perhaps you’ve finally had enough of an under performing premo and this week he MUST go!

Are you wondering when to cull your cash cows?

Maybe you copped an injury this round and need to trade him out, but unsure where to go.

Or even with the byes beginning in a fortnight you’re realising you need to put some serious work into ensuring you field 18 players.

Regardless of the dilemma or questions you have our 3 wise men are here to help. Last week the guys we’re sharing some of their finest. If you missed it, have a quick read here, some wisdom for sure.

Here is your chance Dreamers to ask our 3 Wise Men for insight, advice and maybe some strategy assistance. Just simply comment below with your question, dilemma, problem and Hook, Rainman & Fish will help you out. It’s a super short question time so get them in before midnight.

3 Wise Men: Round 5 Answers

Our 3 Wise Men are Hook, Fish & Rainman. Every Monday we ask the Dreamers community for any questions or dilemmas that they are experiencing and we promise to bring as many as we can to 3 of the best fantasy footy minds in the world. Some great stuff can be found in here, we hope you enjoy reading these answers to your questions. [Read more...]

Double Points Round 5

Back again for a new round, and as always the captaincy decision is a massive one. Just look at the score of some safe options I suggested last week in Ablett, Johnson and Ebert.

Before we go ahead and look to this week’s round of captaincy options, have a quick look at last week suggestions:

Round 5

Brisbane Vs Richmond

NAME: Tom Rockliff023921-tom-rockliff

2014 Average:  128.67

Last 4 Avg Vs Tigers: 108

Last 4 Scores Vs Tigers: 115, 82, 103, 132

Last 4 Rounds Score: 133, 157, DNP, 96

The injury to Hanley added to the top of Rich may well see him get extra attention, but the Tigers don’t use the hard negating stopper. Just ask Pendlebury ;). Outside of his negating role on Mitchell in round 1 Tommy has been massive in terms of scores and looks like he’s forced Leppa’s hand to let him be free to do what he does best and that is win the ball. Personally I’m sold on getting him into my side, if you have him he’s worth a look at captaincy. With partial lockout running though I’d use him as a VC and wait and see rather than commit fully as captain.

Going Unique:  Jack Redden: Coaches that own him must be stoked with his consistency, 2 big 120+ scores and yet to go below 88.

One to Avoid: Dayne Zorko: A fortnight ago he was average 120+. Now his past 2 weeks average is 69,5.

Consider: Trent Cotchin: Should bounce back this week after a poor game (and borderline marking) again Macaffer. Last week the Lions bled points to the Power midfield. A Similar output is likely.

Collingwood Vs Kangaroos

NAME: Dayne Beams183689-dayne-beams

2014 Average:  113.25

Last 4 Avg Vs Kangaroos: 94.8

Last 4 Scores Vs Kangaroos: 48, 129, 116, 86

Last 4 Rounds Score: 131, 87, 113, 122

For as long as Scott Pendlebury is in this Collingwood side beams will largely run tag free. Mind boggling, but a likely reality. If you don’t have him, something is seriously wrong, was my #1 most relevant in the preseason and 4 rounds in we can all agree as to why he got that spot. He’s averaging 29 touches and a goal a game. Almost has become one of the safest bankable 100′s in fantasy footy.

Going Unique: Ben Cunnington: Is a candidate for the MaCaffer tag, but Caff seems to go to match winners which should mean he goes to Boomer. Ben’s a hard nut around the ball, should love winning the hard footy against a star studded midfield. It’s his chance to move from ‘potential’ to ‘likely’ star.

One to Avoid: Brent Harvey: Macaffer is coming after this fantasy hero. Sadly it’ll be a day to forget for Boomer if Caff goes to him.

Consider:  Scott Pendlebury: Hard not to pick him. Averaging 119 so far in 2014 and is a must have. Will be great again this week, like he seems to be every week.

Sydney V Fremantle

NAME: Nat Fyfe883189-nat-fyfe

2014 Average: 79.50

Last 4 Avg Vs Swans: 102.3

Last 4 Scores Vs Swans: 103, 116, 85, 105

Last 4 Rounds Score: DNP, DNP, 95, 64

One of the tougher rounds to pick a player to captain. If you had too Fyfe is the guy though. Hungry to get back among it after a few weeks off. Showed his class against the Pies and should elevate himself into premium fantasy midfielder this season. 3 of his past 4 matches against the Swans have been 100′s, and with the Swans midfield all out of form he’s got every chance at a big score.

Going Unique: Aaron Sandilands: Was good last week even though his fantasy scores weren’t what we’d hoped. Averages 95 in his past 4 on the Swans, and like most weeks will dominate the ruck contests.

One to Avoid: Josh P Kennedy: Your turn to cop the Crowley tag mate. Sorry.

Consider: Kieran Jack: In 2013 was the Swans most consistent scorer, and if ever he needed to stand up this would be the week.

West Coast V Port Adelaide

NAME: Brad EbertBrad Ebert

2014 Average: 117.5

Last 4 Avg Vs Eagles: 81.5

Last 4 Scores Vs Eagles: 86, 77

Last 4 Rounds Score: 152,  91, 127, 100

Was one of my safe captain calls last week and he was with a monster 152, he will once again go well this week. Boak, Hartlett even Wines are ahead in terms of a Scooter tag coming to him. He’s in great form, and will love to have a great game on his former home ground. Doesn’t have a great history, but his recent form is electrifying with 6 of his past 8 games  100+.

Going Unique: Travis Boak: In appears my placing of him as an avoid last week was the wake up call he needed, nicely done Travis with the 136. All the Power midfield are flying and the Power’s Captain has plenty of points left in him. If your wanting a unique selection let alone captain it looks like he’s bottomed out and about to get back to his consistent 100 point average.

One to Avoid: Scott Selwood: Has had a year to forget and those who took the gamble on him in DT (or were sucked in for fantasy after his round 1 score) are crazy frustrated by him. Scores well at Patersons, but can he really be trusted as captain. Absolutely not.

Consider:  Kane Cornes: Mr Consistent, hard to ignore. Last year is no longer a ‘fluke’ or a ‘turn back the clock’ for both the power and Cornes. Great unique selection, has a the tricks to score well and will keep carving up the fantasy points until he’s 72.

Essendon V St Kilda

NAME: Jobe WatsonAFL Rd 21 - Essendon v Carlton

2014 Average: 111.75

Last 4 Avg Vs Saints: 111.5

Last 4 Scores Vs Saints: 107, 82, 134, 123

Last 4 Rounds Score: 78, 96, 120, 153

The Crows midfield in Thompson, Sloane, Smith and Mackay were all dominant on the young saints, even Dangerfield and Wright scored well last week. Imagine what Watson will do to them. He has a great recent history of scores on the Saints and with the high possession footy Jobe could be set to seriously zoom past his career best of 146 on the saints.

Going Unique: Brent Stanton: Hasn’t been spoken of much with the attention going towards the scores of Heppell, Watson, Chapman and even Merrett. The Crows enjoyed the Saints last week and he’ll love to rack em up at Etihad.

One to Avoid: Jack Steven: Was great to see this jet back last week, but will take time to get back to his best. Not this week though.

Consider: Dyson Heppell: 3 hundreds this year and all over 120. Has a huge ceiling this year, and will never be tagged with Watson & Stanton always the top 2 options.

Adelaide V Giants

NAME: Rory Sloane728537-rory-sloane

2014 Average: 114.5

Last 4 Avg Vs Giants: 89.3

Last 4 Scores Vs Giants: 92, 77, 99

Last 4 Rounds Score: 131, 105, 113, 109

Outside of the Geelong captain Sloane is the most consistent scoring fantasy player with each game in 2014 being a triple figure score. He must be now considered a premium midfielder for fantasy footy, and against the Giants with the crows desperate to go back-to-back wins he’ll be looking to force himself and his points scoring on the game. Really great option for inclusion to your team and also for captaincy.

Going Unique: Scott Thompson: Has the reputation as a flat track bully and he belted the young Saints last week in a return to form. 110 in his 3 games on the Giants.

One to Avoid: Patrick Dangerfield: Still yet to deliver a 100 after many had him down for several by now. Others are more deserving of this space, but the Dreamers community is sending a message. Time to get us a big ton Patty. Players love proving me wrong by placing them as an ‘avoid’ your turn now Danger.

Consider:  Sam Jacobs: Looks like Mummy will be out for one week, and as every child knows “when mum’s away the kids will play.” Just like last week Sauce could have a dominant game.

Melbourne Vs Gold Coast

NAME: Gary AblettAblett

2014 Average: 124.75

Last 4 Avg Vs Demons: 106

Last 4 Scores Vs Demons: 64, 134, 130, 96

Last 4 Rounds Score: 132, 146, 80, 141

He’s been superb this year, if his form continues he could be working his way into a 3rd Brownlow medal. His recent form over the Dees has been a slight rollercoaster compared to what we are used to from Gaz, in his current form it’s very hard not to want to leave the captaincy on him for another week.

Going Unique: David Swallow: Hasn’t put a footy wrong all season, it’s safe to say 2014 will be his breakout year. Outside of Ablett has been the Suns best and should do well on the Dees while once again opposition focus on Gaz.

One to Avoid: Dom Tyson: 2 weeks ago he was even being considered a captain option, since then he’s been the one copping heavy attention. He’ll be good this week, and really don’t deserve this spot, but you can’t captain him with any confidence due to his past fortnight. In fact if you are looking at Tyson as a serious captains choice this week then you probably have some major problems in your fantasy team.

Consider:  Dion Prestia: His ownership % is low but his average is very handy at 100. The Suns have a draw over the next few weeks against clubs with some young midfields in GWS, Crows, Dogs, Saints and to a lesser extent the Roos. One to consider for captaincy this week, but also as a unique upgrade option.

Western Bulldogs V Carlton

NAME: Matthew Boydmatthew-boyd-760x438

2014 Average: 112.75

Last 4 Avg Vs Blues: 114.3

Last 4 Scores Vs Blues: 82, 119, 142, 114

Last 4 Rounds Score: 131, 115, 87, 118

The old man is back! Calf injuries gone, and Boyd is doing what Kane Cornes did last season and wind back the clock and pump out scores just like in his prime. The Dogs have a great run, with 6 of the dogs next 8 games at Etihad stadium which is by far Matt’s ground of choice for high scores.

Going Unique: Jackson Macrae: Second year blues do not exist at the kennel. Well done to all the coaches who got him from round 1.

One to Avoid: Marc Murphy: He’ll be keen to respond to critics after this past weeks efforts, but you’d feel very awkward about having him at all let alone as captain.

Consider: Ryan Griffen: You’d probably wait one more week before getting him in, but he is about to be dirt cheap for what he can deliver. Star player, loves the Blues too with an average of 111 in past 4.

Geelong Vs Hawthorn

NAME: Joel Selwood 111605-joel-selwood

2014 Average: 119.25

Last 4 Avg Vs Hawks: 117.3

Last 4 Scores Vs Hawks: 90, 128, 122, 129

Last 4 Rounds Score: 125, 116, 104, 132

He lives for these games! If it’s hard contested footy he’s into it. He’s one of only 2 players (Sloane the other) to have brought up the triple figures each week. He’ll get the attention of Langford this week, but as Ablett showed this is nothing to be feared. The fact remains from his 14 apperances against the Hawks his career average is 112, and only in 5 of them has he not gone over 100, in fact he’s never gone below 80.

Going Unique: Jack Gunston: 103 & 101 in his past 2 matches on the Cats, we saw last week what can happen if he kicks a bag. He’s a safe 80 most weeks, through 5 goals on him and hello 130.

One to Avoid: Luke Hodge: Outside of the Dockers, Geelong is his least favored with a low 76.5 in his past 4 outings. Only 1 hundred in his past 6 outings on them.

Consider:  Steve Johnson: Brilliant last week, and if given space at the G could make it an Easter weekend to remember for coaches. Genius player, and a must have in your side at some point in 2014.

So who are you going captain this week? Don’t forget to vote in our poll below and share your thoughts as a comment below. Am always up for a twitter chat so feel free to follow and say ‘hi’ @mjwant.

The 3 Wise Men: Round 5 Questions

I’m not sure about you but I’ve got some serious decisions to make, yet again another very interesting round.

If you had some of these names: Cloke, Cotchin, Goddard, Mundy, Daisy, Hanley, Berger, Mummy, Ward, Caddy, Titchell, Buddy, Rohan (breathe) Currie (gone when we actually needed you) Montagna, Scooter (AGAIN), even Watson and Merrett were below expected.  It could have been a nasty weekend for some.

Other coaches might be flying with Stevie J, Dusty  Jelwood, Martin, Beams, Lloyd (geniuses), Heppell, Swallow, Pavlich, Gleeson (nice work), Simpson,  Gunston, Sauce, Hodge, Voldt, Sloane, Any Port Adelaide midfielder, Suckling, Macrae, Boyd, Higgins, Ablett, Bartel, Mitchell and even Stanton were all some of the more impressive players this week.

Do we hold onto the failed premo and still hope he comes good? Do we pull the trigger early on a cash cow? When do I upgrade my mid priced pick? Is Caddy The biggest troll of Fantasy footy this year?  OK that I can answer… Yes!

Regardless of the dilemma or questions you have our 3 wise men are here to help.Last week the guys we sharing some of their finest. If you missed it, have a quick read here, some wisdom for sure.

Here is your chance Dreamers to ask our 3 Wise Men for insight, advice and maybe some strategy assistance. Just simply comment below with your question, dilemma, problem and Hook, Rainman & Fish will help you out.

3 Wise Men: Round 4 Answers

The 3 Wise Men is Hook, Fish & Rainman. Every Monday we ask the Dreamers community for any questions or dilemmas that they are experiencing and we promise to bring as many as we can to 3 of the best fantasy footy minds in the world. Some great stuff can be found in here, we hope you enjoy reading these answers to your questions. [Read more...]

Double Points Round 4

Some massive 300+ Captain scores last round and some that didn’t even manage to get to 200. What we saw highlighted last week showed to us just how important getting the captaincy selection is. Perfect example, is you chose Gary Ablett you were rewarded with a monster 292, while fellow round 8 premium Scott Pendlebury battled his way to a captained 188. Before we look at this weeks choice let’s review last weeks scorecard. [Read more...]

Keep the Faith: Trade the Future

I saw a number of coaches get caught out with their trades this week. Last week I recall our 3 wise men sharing here sharing about that you really should only be sideways trading premiums IF they have had a clear role change. Exhibit A is Dane Swan, he’s probably the most obvious in this. Some of us though went Cox – Hickey, others even went Jacobs – Hickey and although we made some money out of it on both variables it was a huge 60+ point differences, that really hurts. This is just one example of several, where coaches chased and got caught out.When trading don’t get sucked in by 1 poor game and feel like you must burn them straight away, more often than not this can come back to bite you and prove costly in both value and points. Jacobs and Cox have both scored 100′s in round 1 & 3 and had poor game only in round 2. This is why last week I shared that “if” you rage trade your only to be doing it to improve your team overall not just releasing frustration. Footy can be emotional, but fantasy footy shouldn’t make us let emotion or even team bias sway our trades and selections. Be smart, be logical, research. Always step back, see with fresh eyes and get some wisdom (like our 3 wise men) to look at your trades. Don’t forget to ask them your questions for this week here.

sam-jacobs-760x438With our trades we need to think about that players up coming opposition (both the immediate round, and subsequent few to get the maximum out of them) and not just caught up in the previous weeks ‘hype’ or scoring form. For example: St Kilda ruckmen Tom Hickey was always going to struggle against the 3 prong ruck attack of Cox, NicNat and Sinclair. Yet many didn’t think of that and as such watched Hickey struggle. Similarly Jobe Watson, Scott Pendlebury & Steve Johnson as amazing as they’ve  been were always going to get a tight tag and not allowed the space previous opponents have given them. All 3 worked hard but were unable to raise the fantasy ton. The main reason, their opposition had effective and efficient taggers proven to limit players and with their recent successes a heavy tag was always on the cards. If you brought in any of those 3 this week expecting a 120+ you really should’ve though again.

SteveJohnson2Let’s look at Stevie J a little closer. Two massive games to start the year, the Crows gave him space at home and he smashed them with a 121. The following week the lions let him run free and he destroyed them for a 153. All week across all AFL talk-back radio is was talked about Macaffer going to SJ. We know Mac is a good tagger too, we’ve seen him shut down some of the best players. So why would we think (apart from the fact SJ is a genius and almost lock top 8 scoring midfielder for the year) that this week he’d come in and score a 120+? The maths doesn’t and didn’t add up. Now granted owning him long term will be a great move, but this week was probably not the round to bring him in.

Quick side note before we take a very brief look at the upcoming few rounds. Only 6 players have actually been able to score over the hundred mark in each round so far? If we’d asked you this at the start of the season which players would get 100 every week I could fairly comfortably say only 1 of these might have we predicted. Some great unique upgrade options here:

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Callan Ward111110119113.31.33%0.61%
Shane Mumford11013211812015.11%10.85%
Rory Sloane1091131051093.43%1.93%
Joel Selwood132104116117.316.99%9.07%
Matt Priddis1091041021052.21%1.56%
Paul Chapman106110134116.719.54%12.70%

Teams with a great month ahead

Carlton FCAlthough the Blues are struggling along at 0-3, the draw is about to open up for them. Over the next few weeks they take on Melbourne, Western Bulldogs, West Coast, Collingwood and St Kilda. Players like Mr consistent defender Kade Simpson and midprice midfielder Dale Thomas should be heavily considered. Both have been respectable in some poor Blues performances and could both average 100 each over the next 5 weeks.

Adelaide_LogoSimilarly to the Blues the Crows are struggling along at 0-3, but from now til the byes Adelaide take on St Kilda, GWS, Western Bulldogs, and Melbourne. Every chance of entering the byes at 4-3. Players like ruckmen Sam Jacobs could dominate of some those games, Rory Sloane is one of the most consistent scorers (as seen above) this season so far and would be a unique midfield choice, and never rule out Patrick Dangerfield, he almost single handily kept the crows in touch during the 3rd quarter. Last year he didn’t have a 100 in his opening 3 games. He then averaged 106 in the next 9 games. Keep the faith, watch history repeat.

Western BulldogsLate last year and again on the weekend we’ve started to see these young pups start to fully develop.  Over the next few weeks they take on GWS, Carlton and Adelaide. Look for skipper Ryan Griffen once his price bottoms out in a week or 2, their new breed of mids Tom Liberatore and Jakson Macrae have been impressive as has workhorse Matthew Boyd.

Players with a Tough Games Ahead

AFL Rd 21 - Essendon v CarltonThe Bombers take on the Dockers over at Patersons, expect Crowley to go to Jobe Watson and the Dockers unit as a whole will be edging to recapture their pressure on the ball after a poor showing last week. Jobe got a 65 of the Dockers last year, and scarily a similar score could be on the cards.

023921-tom-rockliffWith Brisbane losing Daniel Rich for the season expect teams to move their tag towards Tom Rockliff and/or Pearce Hanley. Cornes will get a job on of these two this week followed by the Tigers Jackson/Thomas duo in round 5.

pendlebury375Dare I say it if you’ve missed Magpie skipper Scott Pendlebury it may be best to wait now until after his bye in round 9. This week they take on the Tigers. The week after they take on the kangaroos, and outside of their round 1 hiding they’ve only conceded 4 hundreds in the past 2 matches. Following that it’s the Bombers (Heath Hocking to tag) and then Carlton (Carrotts has a great record on Pendls) although he averages over 100 against them in his past 4 outings both the Bombers and Blues are 2 of Scott’s 5 least favoured teams to score on.

What about you Dreamers, what teams do you think have a great run over the coming weeks? Any players in those teams to target?  How about the reverse, teams that have a tricky coming weeks that might bring down the scoring of some of our stars? Comment below and let us know.

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