#48 Brodie Grundy

So I promised this series of articles would be full of surprises and for many Grundy is a big one.  Grundy burst onto the scene last year with a career best 92, immediately it appeared Dean Cox Version2 had arrived. Is 2014 the year to pounce or is it a case of second year blues for this ex basketball player?

Name: Brodie GrundyGRUNDY Brodie
Club: Collingwood Magpies
Age: 19
Season 2013 Average: 67.6
Season 2013 Highest Score: 92 Vs Giants
Start or Upgrade: Start
Selectable Position: Ruck
Starting Price: $335,500


Get Him In:

This bloke basically single handily sent former pie Darren Jolly packing from the club with his performances in 2013. Do you remember his round 18 debut? I do, he racked up 7 tackles a stat which is largely unheard of for a ruckmen. Grundy has phenomenal athleticism and this is all on the back of no pre-season last year. Imagine what a full preseason could do for the kid! As the season went on he improved his hit out numbers while losing none of his impact around the ground. Looks more than capable of adding anywhere from 10-20 points per game onto his average, and he could be a great money saver and generator until the bye where he could be a great cheap swap to the best performing ruck. That’s value Dreamers!

Walk Away:

He’s really awkwardly priced, even though he is now regarded as the leading ruck choice at the Westpac Centre. He’s only played 7 games and outside of his two very impressive 90′s he only scored over 60 once. Hardly the numbers I want to be taking into my league match ups. Rucks are difficult enough to get consistency out of, and taking punt on a sub 10 games could be putting the jail in the coffin before your season begins.


In years to come Grundy will feature in everyone’s team and dominate for years much like Dean Cox has done. The kid has all the tricks to one day become an elite ruck option for DreamTeam coaches. The question is it this season? I don’t think so, with the value around of several previous premium ruck options down considerably on price I see plenty of value in previously proven performers who just had a shocker season. The kid has the talent and may just smack out scores similar to blokes priced $150,000 more than him and get you in the hunt for DT glory early.

Coming Up Tomorrow: Our #47 was a rookie selection sensation in 2012 going up $150,000 and earning us much needed coin. Enter 2013 and injury stalled his development seeing him only play 2 games. He’s back and looking fitter than ever before and most importantly priced under $200,000. Who he is? Have a guess below and let us know.

So dreamers is the new #1 Pie ruck making his way into your squad? Or do you see greater value elsewhere? Comment below and let us know.

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  1. A 7 gamer or the likes of McEvoy and Jacobs for just 70k more…. hmmmm…. tough choice NOT!!! Nice write up btw man ;)

  2. With NicNat apparently under done, a Sandi – Grundy ruck combo would free up some nice coin to start a 6-7 premo midfield

  3. LoobyTunes says:

    Sandi > Grundy… But thinking of going both…

    Great work mate

  4. 335k for essentially a rookie. ….. nah. I am with MJ here, reckon there are better options elsewhere

    • Plenty of under-priced Ruck options this season, like in most lines actually. I’m probably gonna not start with him either, but if he fires early a sideways of downgrade trade to him could be a wise financial move. Hope your team is coming together nicely.

  5. The Johnsonator says:

    Good article mate!

    - Grundy not for me

    Is it Claye Beams?

  6. Big Feller says:

    Grundy is in for me.
    The headline in today’s Sunday Times is “No guarantee Naitanui ready for NAB Cup”!

    • :o
      Seem to be getting mixed messages aren’t we. Some say he’s commencing full training, others saying as you’ve suggested. Will be interesting to see, let’s hope for all our sake he has a break out season.

  7. definitely considering him but tbh have a few other rucks like nic nat, mummy (if he has a good preseason), big boy and sandi ahead of him at the moment.

  8. Love Grundy and was abit disappointed at the time when Port passed him in the draft but certainly not complaining anymore after Wines debut year and Lobbe stepping up. Will be watching Grundy closely during pre season for sure

  9. Boy oh boy was I rapt when he slid down to #18 in the draft! :D
    Fiddling with a NicNat/Sandi, NicNat/McEvoy pairing.

    • Was a massive Win for the pies. They’ve done very well these past 2 drafts, especially if the kids can deliver on their obvious talent. McEvoy is once again the forgotten ruck of DT. Could monster it at the Hawks.

  10. Ridley United says:

    Locked for me! Amazing talent and the way he hunts the ball and man is super impressive.

  11. Currently have Grundy at R2 with Nic Nat at R1 and Billy Longer at R3. Besides his value and JS, the fact all three of these players have different byes is another reason why i went with Grundy over the likes of Sandy.

  12. frizzinmypants says:

    I have him in at the moment, although I’m probably going to be turning him into Sandi. Good option though and I can see him pushing his average up to around the 80 mark. My pick for player #47 is Sam Shaw.

  13. I’ll copy and paste my thoughts on him I wrote on another group. ” I’m not sure on this, I think it depends on your ruck line up. If you want Sandi, who should be close to a lock, then you have Grundy as R1. But personally, I wouldn’t feel confident on having Grundy at R1, so you have him at R2, but then you don’t get Sandi because according to others, (and I agree), he is a waste of money on the bench. So basically, I think it’s Grundy v Sandi. And at the moment, I have Sandi.”

    Also, I vote James Magner as #47.

  14. Firm pass for me, not really sure why everyone is so keen on a young bloke, he will be inconsistent all year long.

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