#11 Dom Tyson

A new club, returning to his home city and ultimately a fresh start for this former top 3 pick. Dom Tyson was a star junior, many believed he was the best midfielder in the 2011 draft. Now a Demon is Dom, injury free and has this opportunity to move to Melbourne presented us with a steal of a selection?

Name: Dom Tyson131022_DomTyson_Portrait3
Club: Melbourne Demons
Age: 20
Season 2013 Average: 51
Season 2013 Highest Score: 67 Vs Suns
Personal Best Score: 93 Vs Bombers, Round 9, 2012
Personal Best Season Average: 61.6 (2012)

Start or Upgrade: Start
Selectable Position: Midfield
Starting Price: $218,400(AFL Fantasy) $250,700 (DreamTeam)

Pick Him:

One of the most respected AFL coaches of the past decade is new Demons coach Paul Roos, He says of Tyson ” I think (Dom Tyson) is an absolute star in the making.” Remember the Dees made the decision to pass on another likely future gem in Kelly to get access to Tyson. Any player under the $250K bracket is now considered a ‘rookie’ in terms or pricing and this inside specialist has the bigger body and also some experience that both his club and DT and AFL Fantasy Classic coaches alike can have more confidence in picking him than a more lightly framed debutant whose yet to taste AFL intensity. It’s hard to grade a players year off 3 games so we won’t for 2013, but his 2012 was a year although injury, vesting and player rotations played a part I really liked it. If you remove the vest affected games, he then had 6 games at an average of 84 including 2 scores above 90 and back to back 80′s to round out the year. Remember he scored that in a team with kids 2 years ago. He’ll be given every chance by Roos to be right in the thick of it from round 1. Don’t forget that just a few years back in 2011 he was a top 3 draft pick, so Dom is fully packed with all the talents. During his final TAC Cup year he finished the carnival with the most disposals, score assists and contested possessions of any player. If picking Tyson your not getting some bean poll who floats on the outside of packs like a bad smell, Dom gets in the midst of it all. The most important thing when picking a cheap player is job security, you do not want to be wasting trades on guys getting dropped if avoidable. You have no such concerns with Tyson. He’ll be at the first centre bounce of round one for the Dees, he’ll probably earn them their first disposal for the year too.

Walk Away:

It’s too far to say he’s injury prone, but for a young kid he’s had a lot of niggles with his body that has restricted his output. Just when you thought he’d left it behind at the Giants we learned that prior to Christmas this preseason Dom had sometime on the sidelines due to an hamstring issue. Also as the preseason continues, even more so as we enter the preseason games, clubs that are going to play ‘rookie priced players’ start to become evident. Blokes like Tyson’s teammates Michie & Riley, plus saints youngster Dunstan and Lion Taylor are all cheaper options and appear to be climbing up the ranks of priority for both their own clubs and fantasy coaches alike. You may just be able to find a cheaper bloke capable of scoring very similarly. Saving $50,000 could make a world of difference to your starting teams balance and fund allocation.


He’s been branded by many as Trent Cotchin Version 2. Plenty of similarities between the two exist: High draft pick, crazy junior talent, injury effected first few years, great inside midfield with some real outside class and if the similarities continue he’ll be an outstanding pick (especially at his price in his 3rd season) and in 3 more years he’ll be club captain. OK, I’m getting carried away now. If playing AFLFantasy Classic Tyson is an almost must, OK he is, he ticks almost off every category you look for with injury concerns the only possible valid hesitation in selecting him. For DT players he does come with not as much of a price discount, but if your looking at forking out the amount of cash to get Jack Martin then Tyson is just as worthy of a possible selection, he has very comparable NEAFL stats to Martin. In 2014 lets hope this great kids sake in fact for everyone involved lets hope we see him fully fit, he’s a future star of the competition and should well be a staple of our fantasy teams for the next decade.

Coming Up Tomorrow: Tomorrow we enter our Top 10, if you haven’t already entered our competition¬† of guess the top 10 for a chance to win a AFL Prospectus and to captain a team for a Dreamers Draft do it now here. A little hint for you… Think Tall ;) Think about overcoming injury, think he’s back to his be best!

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  1. Big Feller says:

    And he’s in!

  2. Nice MJ.
    Had him locked in for Classic ever since the prices were leaked. A vest-less average of 84 in his first year suggests that if he can consistently get full games this season, his ‘third year breakout’ could be huge! The Wines of 2014?
    Sounds like big 211 for tomorrow.

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