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Trading Your Way To The Top – Final Edition

G’day Dreamers, it’s been a while but I’ve been absolutely smashed at TAFE lately, got 6 assignments all 2000+ words to do so I’ll keep this fairly brief, let’s do this! Melbourne DEF:  James Frawley Avg: GWS: 64.8 WC: 64.3 North: 57.9 My Thoughts: Far from shameful so far this year, but still look elsewhere… […]

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top 1000

Top 1K: R21

Hi, Everyone. It was absolute carnage. Players were dropping faster than an elevator from the 70th floor with the emergency brakes failing. Let’s see who made top 1K.   The top 1000 Let’s have a look at last week for Fantasy: For this week the magic number overall is 44,326. Shouldbemydayjob leads the way with […]

And Get Around This One Too!

top 1000

Top 1K: R20

Hi, Everyone. First week of the finals are over! Have you got the double chance? Or have you scraped through this week and face another elimination match next week? Good luck either way. If you are out of finals, commiserations, and I totally feel for you. Let’s see who made top 1K.   The top […]